Intro to the site/what this blog’s all about

Hi! Welcome to my new website, It should be easy enough to use, but here’s a quick guide to the site content.

Resume is self-explanatory.
– Oeuvre is a comprehensive list of the articles I have written.
– Portfolio highlights my writing skills in various areas.
Contact contains my e-mail, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts.

As for this blog, I’ll mostly be using it for random “thinkpieces” on music, as well as for reviews and retrospective pieces on works from the past. Most of the publications I write for emphasize contemporary music and would not benefit from my writing on older works. Modern Sound allows me to do this, but their focus is more on pop and rock, so expect a strong focus on ambient and instrumental music here.

Thanks for tuning in!

(And if you’re wondering about the shirt, yes I liked The Division Bell.)