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Review: Rausch by Gas Pretty Much Amazing May 23, 2018 PDF web
Yonatan Gat’s ‘Universalists’ Is a Visionary New Album for Rock Music PopMatters May 23, 2018 PDF web
Elysia Crampton’s Self Titled Album is Badass Yet Sincere Electronic Music for the Post-Internet Age Phluff May 02, 2018 PDF web
Teen Poppers Daphne & Celeste Return for Their First Album in 17 Years PopMatters Apr 20, 2018 PDF web
Alice Coltrane’s ‘Transfiguration’ Remains Her Spiritual Masterpiece 40 Years Later Split Tooth Media Apr 16, 2018 PDF web
Every Scene Fades: An Interview with Ambient Producer Rafael Anton Irisarri PopMatters Apr 11, 2018 PDF web
Snoop Dogg, 46 Years Old And Culturally Cemented, Does Whatever The Fuck He Wants Split Tooth Media Apr 06, 2018 PDF web
Review: Now Only by Mount Eerie Pretty Much Amazing Mar 26, 2018 PDF web
Review: 2012-2017 by A.A.L. (Against All Logic) Pretty Much Amazing Mar 26, 2018 PDF web
Need a seder in the Bay Area this year? We’ve got you covered. Jewish News of Northern California Mar 20, 2018 PDF web
U.S. Girls Make Unsettling Pop to Fool Us All on ‘In A Poem Unlimited’ Phluff Feb 28, 2018 PDF web
U.S. Girls Make Unsettling Pop to Fool Us All on ‘In A Poem Unlimited’ Phluff Feb 28, 2018 PDF web
Elysia Crampton in San Francisco Resident Advisor Feb 17, 2018 PDF web
Florist’s Emily A. Sprague Disappears Into Their Synths On Solo Debut Phluff Jan 29, 2018 PDF web
Transformations (AKA DeepChord & Fluxion) in San Francisco Resident Advisor Dec 08, 2017 PDF web
Review: Destroyer, ken Pretty Much Amazing Oct 31, 2017 PDF web
Deep Ambient with Daniel: Entain by Vladislav Delay Pretty Much Amazing Oct 02, 2017 PDF web
Review: Ariel Pink, Dedicated To Bobby Jameson Pretty Much Amazing Sep 19, 2017 PDF web
Deep Ambient With Daniel: The Pavilion of Dreams by Harold Budd Pretty Much Amazing Aug 14, 2017 PDF web
Deep Ambient With Daniel: Iasos, Warmth, Loscil Pretty Much Amazing Jul 27, 2017 PDF
Direct from Israel, Kutiman’s audiovisual jazz irrupts into CJM Jewish News of Northern California Jul 12, 2017 PDF web
Review: Young Thug, Beautiful Thugger Girls Pretty Much Amazing Jun 22, 2017 PDF web
I love Paul McCartney’s sappy-ass songs Dog-Doo With Daniel Jun 07, 2017 PDF web
Review: Lil Yachty, Teenage Emotions Pretty Much Amazing May 31, 2017 PDF web
Review: The Bob’s Burgers Music Album Pretty Much Amazing May 22, 2017 PDF web
Review: Alice Coltrane, World Spirituality Classics 1: The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda Pretty Much Amazing May 16, 2017 PDF web
Lil Yachty is One of the Only True Heroes in Music Dog-Doo With Daniel May 11, 2017 PDF web
Get your blue-and-white on for celebrations across the Bay Jewish News of Northern California Apr 27, 2017 PDF web
The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds finally clicked with me Dog-Doo With Daniel Apr 13, 2017 PDF web
Review: Nelly Furtado, The Ride Pretty Much Amazing Apr 05, 2017 PDF web
Have a ball — matzah, of course — at these local eateries Jewish News of Northern California Mar 30, 2017 PDF web
Teen Mom’s Bizarre, Avant-Pop Album Dog-Doo With Daniel Mar 23, 2017 PDF web
Review: Jens Lekman, Life Will See You Now Pretty Much Amazing Feb 19, 2017 PDF web
In Defense of Unintelligibility Dog-Doo With Daniel Feb 16, 2017 PDF web
So the Migos are giant fucking homophobes. What now? Dog-Doo With Daniel Feb 08, 2017 PDF web
Review: Missy Elliott, “I’m Better” Pretty Much Amazing Jan 30, 2017 PDF web
Listening to Pop like a Rockist Dog-Doo With Daniel Jan 26, 2017 PDF web
Ladysmith Black Mambazo Returns Eugene Weekly Jan 26, 2017 PDF web
Young Thug is a petulant dipshit Dog-Doo With Daniel Jan 18, 2017 PDF web
Rapper’s Delight Eugene Weekly Jan 05, 2017 PDF web
A Trippy New Year: The WOW Hall lights up New Year’s Eve with a safe-space psych-rock ball Eugene Weekly Dec 29, 2016 PDF web
The Emo Revival Eugene Weekly Dec 29, 2016 PDF web
Heavy-Metal Hermit Eugene Weekly Dec 08, 2016 PDF web
RIP: Pauline Oliveros, Experimental Music Pioneer Hoodline Dec 02, 2016 PDF web
Reminder: A Tribe Called Quest Wrote One of the Most Hateful Songs of All Time Pretty Much Amazing Nov 21, 2016 PDF web
Glitter Bombed: Queer punk duo PWR BTTM rises to the top Eugene Weekly Nov 03, 2016 PDF web
Reviews: D.R.A.M., Elysia Crampton, Patrick Cowley & Candida Royalle Pretty Much Amazing Nov 03, 2016 PDF web
Northwest Attitude: Local trio Coastal Ghost play heavy pop with a hint of Nirvana Eugene Weekly Oct 27, 2016 PDF web
Two house shows in, Quin Wise and the Heads Up are already gaining momentum Daily Emerald Oct 17, 2016 PDF web
7 tips for making it in the Eugene music scene as a student Daily Emerald Oct 14, 2016 PDF web
Band Campus: Six Student bands not to miss Eugene Weekly Oct 13, 2016 PDF web
Danny Brown, born performer, brought his rock-star strut to a crowded WOW Hall Daily Emerald Oct 09, 2016 PDF web
Review: Solange’s ‘A Seat At The Table’ is an instant protest-soul classic Daily Emerald Oct 07, 2016 PDF web
Rap weirdo Danny Brown brings his “Atrocity Exhibition” to the WOW Oct. 8 Daily Emerald Oct 06, 2016 PDF web
Review: Danny Brown’s ‘Atrocity Exhibition’ is a headfirst dive into the abyss Daily Emerald Oct 04, 2016 PDF web
Review: Biosphere, Departed Glories Pretty Much Amazing Oct 04, 2016 PDF web
UO Music Industry Collective helps students get a leg-up in the music biz Daily Emerald Oct 02, 2016 PDF web
Campbell Club co-oper makes “guttery” folk music as Cigarettes and Milk Daily Emerald Sep 25, 2016 PDF web
‘Bob’s Burgers’: what fans can expect from its upcoming seventh season Daily Emerald Sep 24, 2016 PDF web
Painting Pop In Psychedelic Colors Eugene Weekly Sep 22, 2016 PDF web
Eugene rockers Dick Dägger prepare to drop equally absurdly named debut album Daily Emerald Sep 21, 2016 PDF web
From Guinea with Love — The Yansanes put African dance in its cultural context through the West African Cultural Arts Institute Eugene Weekly Sep 08, 2016 PDF web
A Queen for the Books — The 2016 SLUG queen talks bar clowns, books and baby dolls Eugene Weekly Sep 01, 2016 PDF web
Review: Young Thug, Jeffery Pretty Much Amazing Aug 31, 2016 PDF web
A few pointers for getting into Eugene’s music scene Daily Emerald Aug 25, 2016 PDF web
Local Legends Unite — Norma Frasier and Thomas Mapfumo share the stage for the first time Eugene Weekly Aug 25, 2016 PDF web
I Love Rocks, Eugene’s favorite rock emporium, to host giant yard sale Sunday Daily Emerald Aug 19, 2016 PDF web
Review: Eugene’s Face for Radio delivers on debut album “I Can Explain…” Daily Emerald Aug 11, 2016 PDF web
Mischief Mistress’ Daily Defiance — Young queer punk rocker Jane Andres navigates life as a trans woman with middle fingers up Eugene Weekly Aug 11, 2016 PDF web
Frank in November People, calm down: Frank’s dropping the damn thing in November. Pretty Much Amazing Aug 08, 2016 PDF web
Review: 50 years later, Beatles’ ‘Revolver’ feels like a snapshot of a band in transition Daily Emerald Aug 05, 2016 PDF web
Preview: Whiteaker Block Party celebrates its 10th anniversary with a bang and lots of beer Daily Emerald Aug 04, 2016 PDF web
Progressive Poptimists Eugene Weekly Aug 04, 2016 PDF web
Review: Mark Barrott, Sketches from an Island 2 Pretty Much Amazing Aug 02, 2016 PDF web
Review: ‘The Killing Joke’ makes a muddled mess out of a classic comic Daily Emerald Jul 29, 2016 PDF web
‘Pon Farr,’ Trek Theatre’s first Star Trek musical, takes song and dance to the final frontier Daily Emerald Jul 28, 2016 PDF web
The Not-So-Lonely Island — Corvallis band the Barker Gypsies bring music and art to the river Eugene Weekly Jul 28, 2016 PDF web
The New Katy Perry and Britney Spears Singles Are Both Pretty Boring Pretty Much Amazing Jul 19, 2016 PDF web
Review: The Avalanches cast off their mystique on the excellent ‘Wildflower’ Daily Emerald Jul 14, 2016 PDF web
Review: In ‘Swiss Army Man,’ life in the wild is better than back at home Daily Emerald Jul 07, 2016 PDF web
Review: Israeli trio A-WA’s ‘Habib Galbi’ is hyper-specific music with broad appeal Daily Emerald Jun 30, 2016 PDF web
10 years later, Nelly Furtado’s ‘Loose’ is as strange and sensual as ever Daily Emerald Jun 23, 2016 PDF web
Podcast: Emerald recommends the best music of 2016 (so far) Daily Emerald Jun 07, 2016 PDF web
Review: Pantha Du Prince, The Triad Pretty Much Amazing May 30, 2016 PDF web
100 Episodes of Bob’s Burgers: Where the show’s gone and what’s yet to come Daily Emerald May 25, 2016 PDF web
Review: Ariana Grande spins great sex narratives on ‘Dangerous Woman’ Daily Emerald May 25, 2016 PDF web
What will be 2016’s Song of the Summer? Daily Emerald May 24, 2016 PDF web
In defense of Popplio, Pokémon Sun & Moon’s much-aligned water starter Daily Emerald May 12, 2016 PDF web
Review: Julianna Barwick’s Will Pretty Much Amazing May 06, 2016 PDF web
Get to Know Some College Town Sounds at the Willamette Music Festival Daily Emerald May 05, 2016 PDF web
It Doesn’t Matter That Beyoncé Doesn’t Play the Instruments (and Radiohead Does) Daily Emerald May 03, 2016 PDF web
Getting Into Prince: 5 Albums to Start With Daily Emerald Apr 25, 2016 PDF web
Prince, the Awkward Sex Symbol Pretty Much Amazing Apr 23, 2016 PDF web
10 Times Prince Was Unrivaled in Pop Music Pretty Much Amazing Apr 22, 2016 PDF web
Reviews: Underworld, Iggy Pop Pretty Much Amazing Apr 19, 2016 PDF web
Review: Träd, Gräs och Stenar’s live reissues are a great intro to Swedish psych-rock Daily Emerald Apr 18, 2016 PDF web
Ableton Live University Tour hits campus this Friday Daily Emerald Apr 14, 2016 PDF web
Review: Tim Hecker’s Love Streams Pretty Much Amazing Apr 08, 2016 PDF web
Review: dvsn’s ‘Sept. 5’ is R&B blown up to Wagnerian proportions Daily Emerald Apr 07, 2016 PDF web
Review: Bibio reinvents himself as indie-pop auteur on ‘A Mineral Love’ Daily Emerald Apr 06, 2016 PDF web