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Let’s Eat Grandma: I’m All Ears Spectrum Culture Jul 15, 2018 PDF web
RP Boo Remains a Footwork Purist with ‘I’ll Tell You What’ POPMATTERS Jul 12, 2018 PDF web
Rico Nasty: Nasty Spectrum Culture Jul 12, 2018 PDF web
Drake: Scorpion Spectrum Culture Jul 11, 2018 PDF web
Alex Zhang Hungtai: Divine Weight Spectrum Culture Jul 09, 2018 PDF web
Gorillaz’s ‘The Now Now’ Rises From a Personal Place of Ennui for Damon Albarn POPMATTERS Jul 03, 2018 PDF web
Teyana Taylor: K.T.S.E. Spectrum Culture Jun 27, 2018 PDF web
Juanita MORE! at San Francisco Pride Resident Advisor Jun 27, 2018 PDF web
DJ Sprinkles/Hardrock Striker: Skylax House Explosion Spectrum Culture Jun 25, 2018 PDF web
Pick Of The Day: “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” By Katy Perry (2010) SPLITTOOTHMEDIA Jun 22, 2018 PDF web
Baseball Gregg’s “Gemini” Is Music For When The Sun Goes Down Phluff Jun 20, 2018 PDF web
Tierra Whack: Whack World Spectrum Culture Jun 18, 2018 PDF web
Leon Vynehall: Nothing Is Still Spectrum Culture Jun 14, 2018 PDF web
MC Paul Barman: (((echo chamber))) Spectrum Culture Jun 07, 2018 PDF web
The Rise Of The 20-Minute Album: How The Distinction Between Albums, Mixtapes And EPs Blurred And Why It May Be Good For Music SPLITTOOTHMEDIA Jun 06, 2018 PDF web
Ski Mask the Slump God: Beware the Book of Eli Spectrum Culture Jun 06, 2018 PDF web
Oneohtrix Point Never: Age Of Spectrum Culture Jun 05, 2018 PDF web
Destroyer: City of Daughters/Thief (Reissue) Spectrum Culture May 30, 2018 PDF web
oOoOO and Islamiq Grrrls’ ‘Faminine Mystique’ Is a Hypnotic Merger of Artificial and “Authentic” Cues POPMATTERS May 29, 2018 PDF web
Pick Of The Day: ‘The Empty Foxhole’ By Ornette Coleman (1966) SPLITTOOTHMEDIA May 29, 2018 PDF web
Charlie Puth: Voicenotes Spectrum Culture May 28, 2018 PDF web
Walking With Wolfgang Voigt SPLITTOOTHMEDIA May 25, 2018 PDF web
Review: Knock Knock by DJ Koze Pretty Much Amazing May 23, 2018 PDF web
Review: Rausch by Gas Pretty Much Amazing May 23, 2018 PDF web
Yonatan Gat’s ‘Universalists’ Is a Visionary New Album for Rock Music POPMATTERS May 23, 2018 PDF web
Kyle Bobby Dunn/Wayne Robert Thomas: KBD/WRT Spectrum Culture May 22, 2018 PDF web
DJ Healer/Prime Minister of Doom: Nothing 2 Loose/Mudshadow Propaganda-review Spectrum Culture May 20, 2018 PDF web
John Maus: Addendum Spectrum Culture May 17, 2018 PDF web
Warmth: Parallel Spectrum Culture May 14, 2018 PDF web
Brian Eno: Music for Installations Spectrum Culture May 13, 2018 PDF web
Poo Bear: Poo Bear Presents: Bearthday Music Spectrum Culture May 08, 2018 PDF web
Belong: October Language Spectrum Culture May 06, 2018 PDF web
Elysia Crampton’s Self Titled Album is Badass Yet Sincere Electronic Music for the Post-Internet Age Phluff May 02, 2018 PDF web
Sarah Davachi: Let Night Come on Bells End the Day Spectrum Culture May 02, 2018 PDF web
Grouper: Grid of Points Spectrum Culture May 02, 2018 PDF web
Ras G and the Afrikan Space Program: Stargate Music Spectrum Culture Apr 30, 2018 PDF web
Teen Poppers Daphne & Celeste Return for Their First Album in 17 Years POPMATTERS Apr 20, 2018 PDF web
Yamantaka // Sonic Titan: Dirt Spectrum Culture Apr 16, 2018 PDF web
Alice Coltrane’s ‘Transfiguration’ Remains Her Spiritual Masterpiece 40 Years Later SPLITTOOTHMEDIA Apr 16, 2018 PDF web
Tink: Pain & Pleasure EP Spectrum Culture Apr 12, 2018 PDF web