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inc. no world: As Light As Light Spectrum Culture Sep 27, 2016 PDF web
Campbell Club co-oper makes “guttery” folk music as Cigarettes and Milk Daily Emerald Sep 25, 2016 PDF web
‘Bob’s Burgers’: what fans can expect from its upcoming seventh season Daily Emerald Sep 24, 2016 PDF web
Painting Pop In Psychedelic Colors Eugene Weekly Sep 22, 2016 PDF web
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Suzanne Ciani: Sunergy Spectrum Culture Sep 21, 2016 PDF web
Eugene rockers Dick Dägger prepare to drop equally absurdly named debut album Daily Emerald Sep 21, 2016 PDF web
William Basinski: 92982 Spectrum Culture Sep 18, 2016 PDF web
From Guinea with Love — The Yansanes put African dance in its cultural context through the West African Cultural Arts Institute Eugene Weekly Sep 08, 2016 PDF web
Britney Spears: Glory Spectrum Culture Sep 05, 2016 PDF web
A Queen for the Books — The 2016 SLUG queen talks bar clowns, books and baby dolls Eugene Weekly Sep 01, 2016 PDF web
Review: Young Thug, Jeffery Pretty Much Amazing Aug 31, 2016 PDF web
A few pointers for getting into Eugene’s music scene Daily Emerald Aug 25, 2016 PDF web
Local Legends Unite — Norma Frasier and Thomas Mapfumo share the stage for the first time Eugene Weekly Aug 25, 2016 PDF web
Gonjasufi: Callus Spectrum Culture Aug 22, 2016 PDF web
I Love Rocks, Eugene’s favorite rock emporium, to host giant yard sale Sunday Daily Emerald Aug 19, 2016 PDF web
Holy Hell! Sublime Turns 20 Spectrum Culture Aug 17, 2016 PDF web
Various Artists: Suicide Squad: The Album Spectrum Culture Aug 15, 2016 PDF web
Konx-Om-Pax: Caramel Spectrum Culture Aug 14, 2016 PDF web
Review: Eugene’s Face for Radio delivers on debut album “I Can Explain…” Daily Emerald Aug 11, 2016 PDF web
Mischief Mistress’ Daily Defiance — Young queer punk rocker Jane Andres navigates life as a trans woman with middle fingers up Eugene Weekly Aug 11, 2016 PDF web
Frank in November People, calm down: Frank’s dropping the damn thing in November. Pretty Much Amazing Aug 08, 2016 PDF web
Review: 50 years later, Beatles’ ‘Revolver’ feels like a snapshot of a band in transition Daily Emerald Aug 05, 2016 PDF web
Preview: Whiteaker Block Party celebrates its 10th anniversary with a bang and lots of beer Daily Emerald Aug 04, 2016 PDF web
Progressive Poptimists Eugene Weekly Aug 04, 2016 PDF web
Review: Mark Barrott, Sketches from an Island 2 Pretty Much Amazing Aug 02, 2016 PDF web
M. Geddes Gengras: Interior Architecture Spectrum Culture Jul 31, 2016 PDF web
Review: ‘The Killing Joke’ makes a muddled mess out of a classic comic Daily Emerald Jul 29, 2016 PDF web
‘Pon Farr,’ Trek Theatre’s first Star Trek musical, takes song and dance to the final frontier Daily Emerald Jul 28, 2016 PDF web
The Not-So-Lonely Island — Corvallis band the Barker Gypsies bring music and art to the river Eugene Weekly Jul 28, 2016 PDF web
Rediscover: Seven Davis Jr: One Spectrum Culture Jul 25, 2016 PDF web
Maxwell: blackSUMMERS’night Spectrum Culture Jul 25, 2016 PDF web
The New Katy Perry and Britney Spears Singles Are Both Pretty Boring Pretty Much Amazing Jul 19, 2016 PDF web
Review: The Avalanches cast off their mystique on the excellent ‘Wildflower’ Daily Emerald Jul 14, 2016 PDF web
AraabMuzik: Dream World Spectrum Culture Jul 12, 2016 PDF web
Review: In ‘Swiss Army Man,’ life in the wild is better than back at home Daily Emerald Jul 07, 2016 PDF web
Thee Oh Sees: Live In San Francisco Spectrum Culture Jul 06, 2016 PDF web
Review: Israeli trio A-WA’s ‘Habib Galbi’ is hyper-specific music with broad appeal Daily Emerald Jun 30, 2016 PDF web
Jim O’Rourke/Fennesz: It’s Hard for Me to Say I’m Sorry Spectrum Culture Jun 29, 2016 PDF web
Laraaji/Sun Araw: Professional Sunflow Spectrum Culture Jun 26, 2016 PDF web
10 years later, Nelly Furtado’s ‘Loose’ is as strange and sensual as ever Daily Emerald Jun 23, 2016 PDF web